Ridgefield Art Car Parade 2024

What is the Ridgefield Art Car Parade?

This is an event where local citizens and businesses can sponsor visiting or first time vehicles to decorate in any and every way possible to take part in the first ever Ridgefield Art Car Parade!

All proceeds from the event will be donated back to ArtFul Visual Arts Initative and The Piston Foundation.

From May 2024 – Sept 2024, participants will be able to park their decorated cars outside their businesses and or in a designated area.

On October 13th, The Ridgefield Art Car Parade will cruise down Main Street Ridgefield. Maps of the parade route and all activities that day will be provided.  Businesses may plan special discounts, additional events around town that can contribute to the overall theme and Vendors will be welcome to set up along the parade route.

On October 13th, 2024, an auction will be held in Ballard Park called the Champions Circle BBQ & Auction wherein all net proceeds will be to benefit ArtFul Visual Arts Initiative and The Piston Foundation.

Why do an Art Car Parade?

Support ArtFul Visual Arts Initiative and The Piston Foundation

The Piston Foundation

Promote Local Businesses in Ridgefield

Promote Ridgefield’s Arts and Cultural Community

Support our mission to promote local artists and grow Ridgefield inviting new residents and new business to our area.

For more information call Visual Art Initiative offices at RPAC Gallery 203-894-5609

How do Businesses and Community Members Participate?

Beginning September 2023, car kits will be able to purchase at www.artful-gives.org/ArtCarParadeRidgefield or visit RPAC Gallery located at 410 Main Street, Ridgefield, CT.

Submit a design idea for your Kit Car or register your already designed Art Car for approval – think “unique”

Example: If you own a Frame Shop, you may consider designing an art car based on a famous painting with a large frame around the car.

Example: If you’re a Coffee Shop, you could cover your car in coffee beans/cups/straws and other coffee related things and and build a large coffee cup to go on top.

Create & Register Your Car or Kit Car! All cars must be completed by May, 2024. ArtFul Visual Arts Initiative Representatives will be coming by to take pictures to advertise the event.

Drive/Power Your Car the day of the Parade! Be sure to advertise on social media and post flyers. Send any pictures to ArtFul so representatives may distribute these to all local media and social media partners.

Join us for the auction BBQ @ on  October 14th, 2024 after the parade! Bring any friends and guests you please. There will be auction items to raise money for ArtFul and The Piston Foundation.

"Drive into the hearts of Ridgefield"