Calling All Artists!

Bow WOW Art Dogs fiberglass dog statues will be decorated by local artists and displayed in downtown Ridgefield, CT. Each dog statue arrives in a factory-applied primer ready for your creative vision!


Please review the Art Dog guidelines and follow all submission instructions. Be sure to include templates of your proposed design.

Send your completed application form, your Bow WOW Art Dog design(s), and online portfolio, Instagram or Resume to: 

Artists may submit multiple designs.

Download your application here Bow WOW Artist Application or fill out the online form.


Bow WOW Art Dogs is open to artists of all ages and experience.

Design Selection and Sponsorship 

The Bow WOW Art Dogs Planning Committee will approve all design submissions. Design selection by Bow WOW Art Dogs Planning Committee does not guarantee a sponsor. All selected artists and designs will be compiled into an exclusive artist directory for sponsors to review. The planning committee evaluates all designs and retains the right to accept or reject any design.

Designs will not go into production until a sponsor has been paired for that design. Once a sponsor has selected an artist, the selected artist and sponsor may elect to personalize a design according to sponsor’s needs.  If any changes are made to the approved design, a copy of the final design must be submitted to Bow WOW Art Dogs Planning Committee. If no changes are to be made from the original design, then a final design is not needed. The Planning Committee reserve the right to prevent the display of a statue if the final design is not approved.

As a selected Bow WOW Art Dogs artist, you will receive a flat artist fee of $500.00 for a completed Great Dane dog statue and $300.00 for a completed sitting lab or $100.00 for a puppy dog statue. Any modifications or changes to an approved proposed design must be reviewed and approved by the sponsor. As the selected artist, it is your responsibility to work directly with the sponsor for payment of any fees in addition to the flat artist fee prior to any changes and modifications.


  • Showcase your talent! Each artist will be recognized on a special plaque attached to the base of the dog statue which will be displayed in Ridgefield in 2021
  • Experience an exciting opportunity that enables you to give back to your community
  • Get paid for your design

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