Bow WOW Art Dog Events

Public Art Display 6.15 – 9.19

Scavenger Hunt 9.18

Leader of the Pack Event 9.25

Thanks to all of the Sponsors, creators and participants.  The Bow WOW Art Dog Event was a huge success.  Not only were these beloved pooches all around town for 3 month, they found their way into patron’s hearts and homes.  We look to the future public art initiatives including Murals and a Sculpture Garden located in Ridgefield.  Our mission as always to help, educated and promote the artist.

We sponsor artists in their education and creation of work.  Please consider a donation to ArtFul to help us promote the artists.


The Leader of the Pack Auction was a complete success.  Not only did we sell every dog statue, we were able to donate $10,000.00 to ROAR Animal Shelter and $10,000.00 to The Ridgefield Guild of Artist.

Miss seeing all the dog statues around town, visit them anytime down below.

Enjoy pictures from the Leader of the Pack Fundraiser Event.